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We proclaim the Gospel with partner churches and volunteers all over the world until faith becomes action allowing the Holy Spirit to transform lives.

This podcast will give practical advice and stories that will motivate you and equip you to go proclaim the Gospel to see a life transformed.

Mar 16, 2019

Podcast Three Ending abortion

  1. The Pro-Life Movement
    1. What is done to solidify abortion on the state level?
    2. The latest measures by pro-life people not to abolish abortion.
    3. Questions we face:
      1. What about ectopic pregnancy?
      2. What about rape?
      3. What about if the mom and the child will both die?
  1. The legislation will leave loopholes that will be exploited for the gain of money.
    1. The heartbeat bill
    2. Pain capability bill
  2. How do we end abortion?
    1. National right to life and politicians what do they have to lose if abortion is ended?
      1. The right to life has workers that will lose their jobs.
      2. The politicians could no longer nibble at abortion through incremental legislation and boast about how they are pro-life in order to get elected another term.
    2. How is it really going to end?
      1. Executive branch? No.
      2. Legislative branch? No
      3. Judicial branch? No.
  1. Roe vs Wade overturned? No.
    1. Roe vs Wade is not a law.
    2. Article I Section I tells us who makes laws.
  2. The doctrine of the lesser magistrate? Yes.
    1. How do you define the doctrine of the lesser magistrate? Where does the doctrine of lesser Magistrate come from?
    2. Bill of Rights Amendment X
    3. The Bible Daniel 6, 2 Kings 11, Jeremiah 36:9-31 Jeremiah 38 7-13